SSC-ASD2 Mini SSC Serial Servo Controller

Use an RS-232-type serial connection to control standard radio-control (R/C) servos for robotics, automation, and animatronics. The Mini SSC 2 accepts serial input at 2400 or 9600 bps and outputs eight rock-steady servo-control signals.

Mini SSCs can be controlled by any computer with serial-output capability, such as "Stamp" type controllers or PCs with a "com" (not USB) port. The user manual includes program examples for Stamps and PCs.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued. It is no longer available for sale.

SSC-ASD2 Features

  • Controls up to eight R/C servos per SSC
  • 2400 or 9600bps serial input
  • Simple three-byte instruction format
  • Configurable for position range/resolution of 90°/0.36° or 180°/0.72°
  • Daisy chainable; connect two SSCs together for 16-servo control

Basic Specifications

Size 1.4 x 2.1 in. (36 x 54mm)
Power Input (SSC) 7.0 to 15Vdc at < 10mA
Power Input (Servos) See servos specs; 4.8Vdc at 500mA/servo typical
User Connector 2-pin header, 0.025in. posts on 0.10in. centers
Connector Pinout Gnd Serial
Serial Cable Connector Modular 'phone' style jack
Serial Input RS-232 (negative swing OK) or inverted TTL
Servo Connector 3-pin header, 0.025in. posts on 0.10in. centers
Servo Pinout PWM +V GND (usually white-red-black)
Pulse Output (normal) 1.5ms (center/starup) ± 0.5ms
Pulse Output (wide) 1.5ms (center/starup) ± 1.0ms
Pulse Rep Rate 50Hz/channel (normal); pulses non-overlapping
Operating Temp 0 to 50 C

SSC Instructions

The SSC has only one instruction: move servo x to position y. The SSC immediately updates that servo's output to the instructed pulse/position value. The SSC continues to send the last-instructed position/pulse output until instructed differently.

Instructions are sent as three bytes: a synch marker [always 255 (0xFF hex)], the servo number [0-254 (0x00-0xFE hex)] and the position value [0-254 (0x00-0xFE hex)]. Reserving 255 (0xFF) as a synch marker and disallowing it as a servo number or position value prevents problems in case the serial connection is interrupted.

Synch Servo Number Position Value
255 (0xFF hex) 0-254 (0x00 - 0xFE) 0-254 (0x00 - 0xFE)


  • SSC-CBL serial cable for DE9 female-type serial ports (PC com port)
  • Roboware PC software for servo control (3rd party vendor, not affiliated with Seetron)
  • Visual Show Automation software and hardware for servo control (3rd party vendor, not affiliated with Seetron)

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