GLO-416Y Upgraded to Version 2.0

Almost as soon as we introduced the GLO-416Y serial OLED, we started working on the next version. Here it is: V2.0 adds most requested features like faster serial rates (up to 38.4kbps), larger startup-screen memory, screen-flip capability, reset-by-instruction and more. All with careful attention to backward compatibility.

Web Site Redesign

We're updating this site to newer web standards (HTML5). We know that lots of you rely on this site for access to tech info going back as much as 20 years, so changes are being phased in gradually so that we don't break your bookmarks.

Tech Blog: Semicustom

Recently we've helped several customers with tricky require­ments by swapping out connectors or modifying firmware for address­ability or even emulation of obsolete displays. Can we help you? Email

Easy Online Ordering

Purchasing pros take note: The products page is now a full-line catalog. Previously ordering required wading into a particular product's specs to find the buy button; now it's all in one place.