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Seetron's been online continuously since 1995 (longer, if you count Compuserve; remember them?). We've accumulated a lot of digital deadwood in that time, and we're long past due for a binary bonfire. But scanning the access stats indicates that there is still some interest in this old stuff, so rather than hit 'delete,' we're storing it here. Expect broken links, missing images, and not a lot of maintenance on this obsolete content. Welcome to our attic. Mind the cobwebs. Or return to

Index of Archived Content

Unless otherwise indicated, products named in the documents listed below have been discontinued.


Manual for ILM-216L

March 1998 magazine article on G12864 display

BS1-LCD manual

Manual for "Counterfeit Controller" kit (BS1 clone)

Data Collection Proto Board data sheet

Data Collection Proto Board manual

G12864 display data sheet

G12864 display manual

Various tips for alphanumeric LCDs

Custom characters for alphanumeric LCDs

Mini SSC I schematic

Mini SSC I data sheet

Mini SSC I manual

Mini SSC II manual

Stamp Stretcher 1B manual


Distro disk for G12864

BS2 program for bargraphs on G12864 display

BS1 program for DS1620 temp sensor

Bargraph fonts for SGX-120L (current product)

Custom-character designer for alphanumeric LCDs

Data Collection Proto Board BS2 programs

Custom-character and font designer programs

Windows program demos SGX-120L (current product)

Graphics downloader for G12864

C example program for serial output

Visual BASIC 6 DLL for serial output


Coping with Hyperterminal's quirks