Downloads/data for discontinued products may still be found at

Serial Sender. Install-free Windows program for testing and demonstrating serial LCDs.

SGX-120L Tools. Zip file containing Windows configuration and image downloading software for the SGX-120L.

Arduino Lib for GLO- Displays Zip file containing Arduino library and examples for GLO-216 and -416.

VFD-220/420 Config Tool. Zip file of the Windows config utility.

TRM-425L Support Files. Zip file of the support files (manual, config utility) on the TRM mini-CD.

ILM-216L Support Files. Zipped archive of the support files (manual, config utility) for the ILM-216L.

ILM-216L Configuration Program. Install-free Windows program for configuring the various features of the ILM-216L.

ILM-216L OEM/Developer Manual. Additional specs and information on the ILM-216L aimed at advanced users intending to reprogram the flash controller.

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