4-line by 40-character
Serial LCD Module

Easy-to-use, versatile display for your instrument, controller or computer application. Connection: power, ground and serial (RS-232/ UART/ true/ inverted at 9600bps).

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BPP-440L (190x54mm)

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BPP-440L Basic Specifications

Power Requirements 4.8 to 5.3Vdc at 7mA (60mA backlight-on max)
Serial Input (electrical) RS-232 (±15V OK), UART, TTL
Serial Input (logic/data) Inverted or noninverted, 9600bps
User Connector 5-pin header, 0.025in. posts on 0.10in. centers
Connector Pinout +5V Gnd Serial Gnd +5V
Operating Temp. 0° to 50° C (32° to +122°F)
Display Type FSTN LCD, white LED backlight
Character Size 5x7 pixels, 4.89mm (0.19 in.) height
Overall Size (wxhxd) 190x54x26mm (7.48x2.12x1.02in.)
Add'l Info Link BPP-440 Hardware Reference

BPP-440 Formatting Instructions

Text sent serially to BPP-440 is immediately printed to the screen. Send Hello World! and Hello World! appears on the display.

BPP-440 understands traditional control codes, such as Tab LF/CR FF/Clear Backspace etc. Additional features are mapped to other control codes or Escape sequences. A quick summary:

Printing Position Home, Tab, Linefeed, Carriage Return, Vtab, Set-Position (ctrl-P)
Print Using 4-line-tall Characters Begin Big Printing (ctrl-B), End Big Printing (ctrl-C)
Clear Screen (all or part) Backspace, Clear Screen, Right-align (ctrl-R)
LED Backlight On (ctrl-N), Off (ctrl-O), Set Brightness (ESC #)
Custom Characters (8) Load Bitmap (ESC D), Save Char Set (ESC x#)
Startup Screen Save text/instructions since clear (ESC X#)
Utility Instructions Reset, Flip/Unflip Screen, Lock Memory, Inline CR, Set Data Rate
Add'l Info Link BPP-440 Programmer's Reference
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