GLO-416Y Version 2 Upgrade Guide

GLO-416Y has undergone a major update in summer of 2014. This document lists differences between the version 1 (v1) product, sold from 2011—2014, and the v2 model. New users who don't require comparison info please see the hardware reference and programmer's reference.

Summary of Changes


The v2 GLO-416Y is a drop-in upgrade. The dimensions and appearance of the GLO-416Y and the location of input header/config jumpers are unchanged. The redesign adds most-requested features and improves overall performance.

GLO-416Y v1/v2 hardware changes
  1. Same OLED display, configured for adjustable brightness.
  2. Location of input (+5V, GND, SERial) header unchanged.
  3. New processor with increased memory for dramatically improved speed, new capabilities.
  4. Location of Dsu, Spol jumpers unchanged.


The GLO firmware was rewritten to take advantage of resources available in the upgraded microcontroller. We took care to ensure that all v1 instructions work exactly as before (only faster). If you discover a discrepancy, email with a description and we'll track it down.

We added the following new capabilities to the instruction set:

Display/Instruction Timing

The GLO-416Y v2 is considerably faster, thanks to several design changes: (1) reducing the read/write traffic with the OLED by saving up incremental changes until the serial-input buffer is empty, (2) using an 8-bit (vs 4-bit) bus to communicate with the OLED, (3) increasing buffer size from 64 to 128 bytes, and (4) increasing the efficiency of font-bitmap display code. The result is that no useful combination of inputs can overflow the input buffer.

Maximum Execution Times (µs)
Instruction GLO v1 GLO v2
Print Character (4x16 font) 244 40
Print Character (2x16 font) 440 77
Print Character (4x8 font) 280 41
Print Character (2x8 font) 684 77
Print Character (1x8 font) 1320 125
Print Character (1x4 font) 2360 125
Clear Screen 1000 500
Refresh Screen (Normal) NA 2200
Refresh Screen (Flipped) NA 4300
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