Mounting Kits
for Displays

Protect and enhance the appearance of LCDs, OLEDs and VFDs with a custom faceplate and mounting hardware.

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Mounting kit consists of faceplate, hardware.

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Mounting Kits and Faceplates by Part Number

(for BPI-216N/L,
•Self-adhesive 20-mil Lexan faceplate, 82x38mm
•Four 3/16"-dia. spacers, 0.188"
•Four 3/16"-dia. spacers, 0.375"
•Four 5/8" 2-56 machine screws
•Four 2-56 machine nuts
6.00 ea
FPL-216 (faceplate only) •Self-adhesive 20-mil Lexan faceplate, 82x38mm 4.00 ea
(for BPP-420L/VY
and VFD-420)
•Self-adhesive 20-mil Lexan faceplate, 102x64mm
•Four 3/16"-dia. standoffs, 3/8" long, 2-56
•Four 1/4" 2-56 machine screws
•Four 2-56 machine nuts
12.00 ea
FPL-420 (faceplate only) •Self-adhesive 20-mil Lexan faceplate, 102x64mm 8.00 ea
(for BPP-440L)
•Self-adhesive 20-mil Lexan faceplate, 193x57mm
•Four 3/8"-dia. nylon standoffs, 3/8" long, 4-40
•Four 1/4" 4-40 machine screws
•Four 4-40 nylon machine nuts
15.00 ea
FPL-440 (faceplate only) •Self-adhesive 20-mil Lexan faceplate, 193x57mm 8.00 ea
for GLO-416Y only
(faceplate same as FPL-420)
•Self-adhesive 20-mil Lexan faceplate, 102x64mm
•Four 3/16"-dia. spacers, 0.188"
•Four 5/8" 2-56 machine screws
•Four 2-56 machine nuts
9.00 ea
(for SGX-120L)
•Self-adhesive 20-mil Lexan faceplate, 87x44mm
•Four 3/16"-dia. nylon standoffs, 3/8" long, 4-40"
•Four 1/4" 2-56 machine screws
•Four 2-56 nylon machine nuts
12.00 ea
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BEZ-series Application and Use

Sharp tools, curious fingers, water, grit, electrostatic discharge—any of these can wreck an LCD, VFD or OLED. In commercial gear displays are mounted behind a transparent window to protect them from environmental hazards. If you're making a prototype or instrument, our mounting kits may be just the ticket.

The illustration above shows the basic principle: Each kit includes a self-adhesive Lexan faceplate 0.020" thick. It serves as a window to view the display, and an opaque black border hides the countersunk heads of the mounting screws. The "panel" is your mounting surface, ideally between 0.0625" and 0.080" thick (common for electronic enclosures). BEZ- packages includes appropriate machine screws (2-56 or 4-40, depending on the display) and spacers as needed.

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