4-line x 20-character
Serial LCD w/Keypad Input

Serial LCD for your instrument, controller or computer. Multiple connection options for power, keypad, and 1200-9600bps RS-232-style serial.

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TRM-425L (77x47mm)

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TRM-425L Basic Specifications

Power Requirements 4.8 to 5.5Vdc at 10mA (60mA backlight on)
Serial Inputs (electrical) RS-232 (±15V OK), (non)inverted TTL (separate inputs)
Serial Input (logic/data) Inverted, 1200-9600bps
User Connectors two 8-pin headers/one 3-pin: 0.025in. posts on 0.10in. centers
J1 Power I/O Pinout [Gnd] [+9V] [+5V] [TTL-serin] [TTL-serout] [Keystrobe] [Buzz+] [Buzz-gnd]
J2 Keypad Pinout [row4] [row3] [row2] [row1] [col4] [col3] [col2] [col1]
J3 RS-232 Pinout [serout] [serin] [Gnd]
Operating Temp. 0° to 50° C (32° to 122°F)
Display Type STN Character LCD, 4 lines x 20 characters
Character Size 5x7 pixels, 4.00mm (0.16in.) height
Overall Size (wxhd) 77x47x28mm (3.03x1.85x1.1in.)
Add'l Info Link TRM-425L User Manual

TRM-425L Formatting Instructions

TRM-425L understands traditional control codes, such as Tab LF/CR FF/Clear Backspace etc. Additional features are mapped to other control codes or Escape sequences.

The display also accepts instructions that store and recall up to 95 full screens of text and configure the operation of the matrix-keypad input. With 4 rows/columns, the keypad input can read up to 16 keys wired in the common matrix layout.

Printing Position Home, Tab, Linefeed, Carriage Return, Vtab, Set-Position (ctrl-P)
Print Using 4-line-tall Characters Begin Big Printing (ctrl-B), End Big Printing (ctrl-C)
Clear Screen (all or part) Backspace, Clear Screen, Right-align (ctrl-R)
LED Backlight Backlight On (ctrl-N), Off (ctrl-O)
Store Configuration, Full-Screen Text Write Config Options (ESC W#), Store Screen (ESC X#)
Define or Store Custom Characters (8) Load Bitmap (ESC D#), Save Custom Chars to EEPROM (ESC x#)
Recall Full-Screen Text or Custom Chars Write Config Options (ESC E#), Store Screen (ESC e#)
Add'l Info Link TRM-425L User Manual
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