4-line by 16-character
Multifont Serial OLED

Easy-to-use, versatile display for your instrument, controller or computer application. Connection: power, ground and serial (RS-232/ UART/ true/ inverted at 9600 to 38,400bps).

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GLO-416Y (98x60mm)

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GLO-416Y Basic Specifications

Power Requirements 4.8 to 5.3Vdc at 50mA (60mA max)
Serial Input (electrical) RS-232 (±15V OK), UART, TTL
Serial Input (logic/data) Inverted or noninverted, 9600—38,400bps
User Connector 5-pin header, 0.025in. posts on 0.10in. centers
Connector Pinout +5V Gnd Serial Gnd +5V
Operating Temp. -40° to +80° C (-40° to +176°F)
Display Type Organic LED (OLED), yellow pixels on black bkgd
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Font Sizes 5x7 pixels, 4.2 to 19.1mm (0.16 to 0.75 in.) height
Overall Size (wxhxd) 98x60x16mm (3.86x2.36x0.63in.)
Add'l Info Link GLO-416 Hardware Reference

GLO-416Y Formatting Instructions

Text sent serially to GLO-416Y is immediately printed to the screen (at the current location and in the current font size). Send Hello World! and Hello World! appears on the display.

GLO understands traditional control codes, such as Tab LF/CR FF/Clear Backspace etc. Additional features are mapped to other control codes or Escape sequences. A quick summary:

Printing Position Home, Tab, Linefeed, Carriage Return, Vtab, Set-Position (ctrl-P)
Font Size Increase Font Size (ctrl-B), Reset to Small Font (ctrl-C)
Clear Screen (all or part) Backspace, Clear Screen, Right-align (ctrl-R)
OLED Brightness OLED On (ctrl-N), Off (ctrl-O), Set Brightness (ESC #)
Custom Characters (16) Load Bitmap (ESC D/d#), Save Char Set (ESC x#)
Startup Screen Save text/instructions since clear (ESC X#)
Utility Instructions Reset, Flip/Unflip Screen, Lock Memory, Inline CR, Set Data Rate
Add'l Info Link GLO-416 Programmer's Reference
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