Application Notes for Serial Displays

Hardware Notes

Connectors for Serial Displays. How to buy, make and use connectors to fit the common 5-pin header connectors found on most of our displays.

Power Considerations for Serial Displays. Switch your red and black? Connect +12V to the +5 pin? Need to know how long a display takes to wake? Answers here.

Practical Tips on Serial Communications. Asynch serial comms (aka "RS-232" and its brethren) is as old as the hills and pretty simple, but deserves a little understanding. Voltage swing, bit rates and timing addressed here.

Custom-character Editor.Point-and-click to design custom characters for serial displays, then copy and paste the data into your program.

Basic Stamp Programming Notes

NOTE: These are older app notes oriented toward the Basic Stamp series of microcontrollers. Newer app notes appear on our tech blog.

Easy Clear-screen Trick for BPK/BPI-series Displays. BPI and BPK-series devices require a brief pause after clearing the screen to allow the LCD to catch up. Can't generate a delay? Insert an extra instruction.

Odometer Effect with BPI- and BPK-series Displays. An oddity in the LCD custom-character mechanism can be used to create a cute odometer-scroll effect.

Horizontal Bar Graphs with BPK- and BPI- LCDs. Basic Stamp II program shows how to make a horizontal bar-graph effect on BPI- and BPK- series displays.

Horizontal Bar Graphs with ILM-216L LCDs. Bar graphs are easier on ILM-216Ls, thanks to EEPROM custom-character storage. Basic Stamp II program demonstrates.

Horizontal Bar Graphs with SGX-120L Graphics LCDs. The SGX-120L has two advantages for generating bar graphs: massive EEPROM storage and a gapless graphics display. Basic Stamp II program illustrates.

Animated Strip Plot with SGX-120L Displays. Create an EKG-like moving strip plot on the SGX-120L display. A Basic Stamp II program illustrates how a vertical line can be used to wipe old data off the screen as new data is plotted.

Displaying Wind Data with SGX-120L. App illustrates how to blend a fixed graphics background with dynamic, data-driven elements to create a wind speed/direction display. Basic Stamp II program.

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